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Phoenix III

By December 5, 2023December 20th, 2023No Comments

Give your space expedition a new dimension with Silesian University of Technology’s Mars rover and Cosmotech enclosure – where technology meets creativity!

Phoenix III

Mars rover


Scientific Association of the Silesian University of Technology

Scope of work:

Adaptation of the design to the lamination technology
Fabrication of carbon fiber laminate cover
Printing of the rover’s body and fasteners

Explore Mars with Silesian University of Technology’s Mars rover with Cosmotech Enclosure!

In a world of space discoveries, Silesian University of Technology and Cosmotech are joining efforts to introduce a revolutionary Mars rover, ready for an exciting mission to explore the Red Planet. Inspired by science and cutting-edge technology, our rover is a combination of engineering excellence and minimalist design, all thanks to its carbon fiber shell.

Innovative Design:

The Silesian University of Technology, known for its advanced engineering, presents a Mars rover that defines new standards in space exploration. Using the latest scientific advances, our rover is ready for the harsh conditions of Mars, thanks to a unique design developed by experts at Silesian University of Technology.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Structure:

As specialists in high-tech materials, we were responsible for delivering a rover enclosure made of carbon fiber. This is not only a technological breakthrough, but also an art of design. The lightweight carbon fiber structure not only reduces the rover’s weight, allowing it to work effectively on the surface of Mars, but also adds a futuristic and modern look.

Modern Space Future Design:

The Phoenix III Mars rover is not just a machine – it is an expression of modern design. Minimalist lines, ergonomic shapes and futuristic details make the rover an icon of space exploration, while also serving as a practical research tool.

Prepared for the challenges of Space:

Built by the Silesian University of Technology, with an enclosure from Cosmotech, the Phoenix III rover is ready for the greatest challenges of space. With advanced technology, solid construction and a lightweight carbon fiber enclosure, this space explorer is prepared for the extreme conditions it will encounter on the surface of Mars.

To sum up:

Mars exploration is becoming a reality with the Phoenix III Mars rover. It’s not just a space mission – it’s a manifestation of Polish engineering excellence and modern design. Join our expedition into the future of space discovery!