3D-modeling of any component

Parametric design

We offer a full spectrum of services in the field of 3D design and modeling, starting from discussing your concept, creating a spatial model, to planning the list of materials and production methods. Our speciality is designing for the needs of prototyping of mechanical components, with particular use of additive production methods and 3D scanning.

Verified Practices

By using the Design Thinking approach in our projects, we collect as much knowledge as possible before we model the first shapes. This allows us not only to significantly reduce the number of design reviews, but also to optimize the parameters of the created product.


At any design stage, we offer the creation of previews in the form of photorealistic graphics, with the possibility of composing an album of images in 4K resolution. At the client’s request, we also develop branding and graphic design proposals for the product.

3d printing printers
3d printing printers