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The FS5 face shield provides personal protection for medical staff who have close and frequent contact with patients. This specialized face shield has been designed with comfort, safety, and functionality in mind.

Face Shield FS5

Personal protection for medical staff

Comfortable and durable

Made of high-quality materials, the FS5 face shield is not only durable but also comfortable to wear for extended periods. The balanced design ensures even weight distribution on the head, making it feel lightweight and comfortable even after hours of use.

Light source

In addition to its comfortable design, the FS5 face shield is also highly functional. The detachable light source has adjustable brightness levels, allowing medical staff to adjust the lighting for different procedures and environments. The replaceable battery provides long-lasting power, ensuring the face shield is always ready when needed.

Light output: 600lm, 250lm, 10lm

Operating time: 10h

IP rating: IP54

Battery: 18650, Li-ion

600 lm light provides high work comfort.
The curved and fitted visor provides maximum comfort and effective protection against sprayed contaminants.
Intuitive and easy mounting allows for quick visor replacement.
USB battery provides many hours of operation without the need for recharging.
Precise adjustment of the shield ensures user comfort.

Modern and elegant

Thanks to its modern and elegant design, the FS5 face shield is a stylish addition to the uniform of any medical worker. Its high-quality, well-balanced construction makes it the perfect solution for those who require the best personal protection and performance.

Height: 282 mm

Width: 210 mm

Depth: 285 mm

Weight: 475 g

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