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Agricultural Sorting Machines

By January 22, 2024No Comments

Collaboration with a scientific unit: ARH+ and Cosmotech have joined forces to create a machine that combines technical precision and aesthetics.


Agricultural sorting machine



Scope of work:

Housing design
Design of machine control
Fabrication and assembly of the enclosures of the working prototype

An automatic machine for sorting blueberries.

It is the product of cooperation between the renowned ARH+ research and development center and the innovative company Cosmotech. The machine not only represents technological achievements, but also combines aspects of design and functionality.

Excellent mechanical and analytical precision

Thanks to the advanced image analysis algorithms provided by ARH+, the machine offers fast and precise sorting of blueberries by color, size and quality. The detection process enables the fruit to be effectively separated, ensuring the highest quality of sorted products.

Aesthetics in the service of function

Cosmotech, which specializes in design and aesthetics, has made sure that the machine is not only perfectly constructed, but also looks unique. The machine’s sleek housing not only protects its components, but also sets a new standard for aesthetics among sorting machines.

State-of-the-art technology for blueberries

The machine not only revolutionizes sorting standards, but also offers modernity at every stage of the process. ARH+ automated solutions and Cosmotech’s sophisticated design make our machine not just a tool, but a work of technological art.