We have been operating in the rapid prototyping market since 2015. During this time we have managed to produce more than a dozen functional prototypes. We have implemented proprietary methods for manufacturing carbon laminates, thanks to which we are able to reduce the time and cost of their production. We have been the winners of two design competitions in the US and have received numerous local awards. We have completed projects that no one else wanted to take on!

Our mission is to create user-centric solutions.

Both functional and visual aspects are key points of our projects. Using innovative technologies, empathy and a sense of style, we realize them in collaboration with companies, organizations and common people. We noticed a disturbing disparity between form and function in medical devices and listened to the feelings of their users about the stagnation in wheelchair design. This led us to where we are today – at the forefront of a transformation that is long overdue.


This is what we do

. Industrial designs
. Functional prototypes
. Carbon laminate components
. Short-run molds for laminate production
. Large format 3D printing .

Cosmotech is more than just a design and technology office; we are innovators in the realm of industrial design and technology. Our primary focus lies in the precision manufacturing of functional prototypes, utilizing 3D printing technology and carbon laminates. The proprietary technology we’ve developed for crafting lightweight structures not only ensures speed and efficiency but also offers a cost-effective avenue for bringing your ideas to life, whether it’s for construction, devices, or carbon elements.

In addition to our prowess in rapid prototyping, we specialize in 3D design and large format printing. While our core emphasis is on the medical devices segment, our versatility extends to collaborations within the industrial, automotive, and broader design sectors. At Cosmotech, we bring the principles of industrial design to the forefront of every project, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function in all that we create.

Our team

We are a young team consisting of engineers, designers and graphic designers. We are united by our passion for creating distinctive and useful things.

The wheelchairs we offer are available through our division called 360Wheelchair.

The PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04 certification is an important part of our strategy, which focuses on meeting the highest quality standards and continuously improving our products and services. We strive to ensure that wheelchairs designed by Cosmotech are not only functional and comfortable, but also meet the highest safety and quality standards, providing full support for people with disabilities

It is a part of our company dedicated specifically to this area to provide a comprehensive range of products and services for people with disabilities. 360Wheelchair offers a variety of wheelchair models tailored to the individual needs and preferences of users. Our wheelchairs are designed with comfort, mobility, durability and aesthetics in mind to ensure users’ independence and fuller participation in everyday life.

Thanks to the synergy between Cosmotech and the 360Wheelchair division, we can focus on innovation, quality and excellent customer service. Our goal is not only to provide high-quality wheelchairs, but also to fully understand and support our customers. We work to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, enabling them to be more independent and free to move around.

Our publications

We would like to present the latest research and developments related to our products. Here you will find scientific publications presenting the results of experimental research using our products. Delve into the world of innovative products that define new standards of mobility and functionality.

Investigating the Impact of Carbon Fiber as a Wheelchair Frame Material on Its Ability to Dissipate Kinetic Energy and Reduce Vibrations

Our partners

Over the years, we have established partnerships with industry, academic institutions, sales representatives and foundations that support people with disabilities. With strong partners that we can always rely on, we have the opportunity for dynamic, sustainable growth.

Cosmotech designed and manufactured, using additive technology, body for an experimental autonomous vehicle for the AIUT company. The project was carried out professionally, taking into account all our guidelines. The final product was characterized by high quality, ergonomics and usability.

Dariusz Zonenberg - Head of the Automation Industry Department, AIUT

Elements that would require mass production, and the process would be very long and expensive, were delivered by cosmotech at an express pace.

Kama Wybieralska - Lighting Designer

Cosmotech flips everything upside down to realise a project that others do not undertake. My goal was to create a wheelchair adapted to accomplish a marathon along with my disabled grandfather. Driving comfort and durability of the structure, and above all lightness of the equipment were key factors. The team created a prototype in just 3 months from scratch. In addition, service of the equipment always runs without problems. It's a company that cares about people. All the designs they create are a masterpiece of construction, and their futuristic appearance can delight everyone.

Marek Wendreński - GRANDPAGANG

Design works carried out by Cosmotech were in line with our assumptions, were delivered on time. High quality, extraordinary design and timeliness are undoubtedly the strengths of this company.

Jacek Kocot - President of the Board of Akson

I've been working with Cosmotech for several months and I'm happy with the effects we've developed together. Creating equipment professionally and innovatively is an art. The Cosmotech team is creative, ambitious and above all good people.

Rafał Mikołajczyk - VOTUM Foundation

That’s what we’re proud of