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Give your office space a new dimension with the BSM office chair – elegance, functionality and health care in one product!


Office Chair


Dr. Beata Smela

Scope of work:

Concept development and design of ergonomic chair.

BSM Office Chair: Dr. Beata Smela’s Innovative Concept for Comfort and Health at Work!

In a world of dynamic office challenges, we need unique solutions that combine functionality, comfort and health. Introducing the BSM office chair, a design and concept created by experienced Dr. Beata Smela, who has practiced in the US for two decades, focusing on health and comfort in the workplace.

Vision Materialized:

Dr. Beata Smela, inspired by the need to deal with the pain of daily office activities, gave us her vision. We materialized this vision by creating the BSM office chair, an innovative solution that combines a minimalist and modern design with a healing function.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Comfort:

The BSM chair is not just an office piece of furniture – it’s the art and science of working in one. Its minimalist design harmonizes with modern office spaces while offering maximum comfort during prolonged sitting. The ergonomic design provides optimal support for the spine, reducing feelings of tension and pain.

Healing Function:

The BSM chair isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s also about therapeutic support for your body. Specially designed elements, inspired by the practice of Dr. Beata Smela, help you maintain proper posture, reducing muscle tension and counteracting spinal pain. This is a chair that takes care of your health, even during an intense work day.

Health and Comfort in First Place:

Like Dr. Beata Smela’s practice, the BSM chair puts health and comfort first. Its visual concept combines with practical functions to create a harmony between style and substance. Choose the BSM chair if you are looking for a balance between modern design and concern for your health.

To sum up:

The BSM office chair is not just a piece of furniture, it is a revolutionary concept created by an experienced professional. Transform your workplace into an oasis of health and comfort with the BSM chair, where design meets concern for your well-being!